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December 7th: Romy Allard wins Prize of Horsetrucks Terhorst

The German Romy Allard from Förderkreis Dressur Neuss e.V. wins with Summer Rose the Prize of Horsetrucks Terhorst, a Young Riders Individual Test (73,030 %). Lucie-Anouk Baumgürtel came with ZINQ Sweetheart on the second place, the third place is for Elisabeth von Wulffen with Babylon.

It was a very successful year for the 16 years old dressag rider: At the European Championships 2018 in Fontainebleau she was awarded the bronze medal in the Individual championship and won the silver team medal. Furthermore she won the German youth championships 2017 in Aachen. "Aachen is a lucky ground for me!", she said. Her goals for the next days: "I try to keep my performance. I generally do not put pressure on me. My best is enough!"

The winner is congratulated by Michael Terhorst and Tournament Director Rolf-Peter Fuß.

Photo: Fotostudio Marx.