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December 7th: Kristin Biermann wins Prize of Family Hans-Peter Simons

Second place yesterday, today at the top: This evening Kristin Biermann wins Prize of Family Hans-Peter Simons. With 74,069 % ist was an impressive victory. Linda Erbe came on the second place with her horse DSP Fierro, Karoline Rohmann became third with Noosa Melody.

At the age of 21 it is her last year with the young riders. Therefore today's victory is especially nice for Kristin Biermann. "Yesterday, Zwetcher was still very excited on the track, but today he was quite relaxed. I had him there every second, that was just a nice feeling ", says the lucky winner. The Aachen Dressage Youngstars is a special tournament in her eyes. "Everything her is organized top to bottom and the conditions are just terrific."

Is there a master plan for tomorrow? "No, we just try to do our best, just like today."

The winner is congratulated by Alexandra Simons-de Ridder and ALRV president Carl Meulenbergh.

Photo: Fotostudio Marx